How to Run Air Conditioning on Solar Power

Installing Solar Panels

Powering your air conditioner using electricity from the main grid is obvious a painful experience. As you enjoy cool air in your house, you have a feeling in your heart that is reminding you of the cost you will be required to pay at the end of the month. Powering the air conditioner, especially during the summer season is a painful experience, but individuals have to live with it. To avoid the increasing power bills, the question of using solar energy to power air conditioner has been surfacing for a longer period.

Solar panels have been known to produce sufficient power that can be used to support multiple functions in a home such as standard electrical appliances like television sets, laptops, and lighting. Other high-energy consuming devices such as washing machines and oven can as well be powered from the energy collected through a solar panel. Apparently, solar panels seem as though they can power everything. However, some air conditioners use much power which makes it difficult for a solar panel to power an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Power Consumption
An experienced electrical contractor will confidently tell you that air conditioners are by far some of the largest users of electricity. To make the indoor environment of a house during the summer season bearable, electrical bills have to skyrocket forcing some individuals to turn to generators for a reprieve. Nevertheless, this is the best time to use a solar panel to cool your house as they will be absorbing much energy from the shining sun. During a hot day, a single solar will be able to power an air conditioner and help you save a significant fortune.

However, the solar might not be able to run your air conditioner when there isn’t much sun or when the solar has lower energy capacity as compared to what an air conditioner demands. Typical air conditioners use an average of 1200 Watts. However, this trend is changing such that manufacturers are manufacturing energy-efficient air conditioners with an average energy consumption of around 600 Watts. Before deciding to use solar panels to run your air conditioner, you should make sure you purchase an air conditioner with low energy consumption which will assist in reducing the number of solar panels required. The following are some of the necessities you should have before using solar panels to power your air conditioner.

• Charge Controller
This is a must have an electric device that will assist in maximizing the power generated by your solar panels. Consider buying a charger controller that can accommodate all the power generated by solar panels in use.

• Inverter
Apparently, air conditioners use alternating current while solar panels generate direct current. You need an inverter to convert the DC power from the panel to AC power that can be accepted by the air conditioner. Consider purchasing an inverter that can accept 110V that is required to power your air conditioner.

In a nutshell, powering your air conditioner using clean energy will not only power your air conditioner, but it will also save you much money on power bills. This can be a good alternative for you when power outages occur.