3 things to look for to ensure you’re hiring the best removalist

3 Things to Look for to Ensure You’re hiring the Best Removalist
Packing up and shifting your belongings can be a dreadful task for some, which is why it might be a good idea to hire a professional removalist company to help you move. Removal workers are highly skilled in packing delicate items so they don’t break while in transit, and they can carry heavy weight loads in a safe way so you avoid hurting yourself. However, when it comes to removalists companies, they are not created equal. In your quest for the right remover, incorporate these three tips to help you identify the best removalists company for your move, which will help give you peace of mind.

1. Make Sure the Remover is a Member of a Furniture Removers Association

Before employing a removal company, make sure they are a member of a furniture removal association, such as the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Furniture removers associations are comprised of an official body of removals experts that help manage the removals industry. As a matter of fact, Government departments even seek advice from furniture removal associations when making decisions about the industry.

Furniture removers associations abide by strict guidelines and only accredit removalists who demonstrate the highest professional standards. In other words, employing a furniture remover association member means they have the necessary training, equipment, vehicles, insurance, and premises needed to carry out an expert job.

2. Understand What the Removsal Company Insurance Covers

Before hiring a removalist company, find out what their insurance covers. For example, what would happen if the move is delayed, and you can’t get into the property until later? Also, check what the time limit is on claiming insurance after the move, and so on.

If you have pricey possessions, check if they’ll be covered by insurance, as some policies set a limit per item. In addition, check if they require special packaging.

When packing breakables yourself, keep in mind that the removal company’s insurance generally does not protect items that you pack yourself.

3. Choose and Compare Furniture Removal Quotes

When searching for the best removalist, get a sense of how much your furniture removal will cost by getting a list of quotes from removalists near your home or near the new location. This will allow you to get a general idea of removal costs for your area.

Get at least three quotes from removal companies, and be sure you understand exactly what each company’s quote involves. For instance, does the removal include all the rooms in your home or will you need to pay more for a bigger space? Does the quote include packing materials? How many movers will there be? etc.

A good removalist understands that there is a lot to consider, including the amount of furniture you have, the distance you are moving, and rather you are using full service removalist or not, so they will usually ask to visit your property to be sure that all factors are considered before providing you with a quote.

Some factors the removalist may take into consideration when setting a price, include restricted access or narrow stairways, hard to move items, such as pianos, any carpets that are going with you, shelving, and any other items that may need dismantling, special packing items, such as antiques, pictures, and valuable objects, and a floor plan of the new property so they know where they will be putting the boxes when unloading.