10 Minimalist Styling Tips for Modern Homes

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10 Minimalist Styling Tips for Modern Homes

Minimalism is a a great way to decorate any home. Here are a few ways to use minimalism to make your home a place of lasting serenity and comfort.

White Paint

White goes with everything. Paint all the walls shades of white. It will reflect natural light and make any lovely details stand out.

One Rug

Rugs add personality and oomph to any room. They’re also soft and inviting. Look for one fabulous rug to use. High quality rugs not only look great right now. They’ll also continue to hold value over time.

Two or Three Great Chairs

Minimalism can go hand in hand with a good place to sit. There’s no need to clutter the home with lots of chairs that you don’t need. Instead, find several great chairs. Everyone in the family can have their own comfortable personal place to sit.

Lots of Storage

Storage allows you to put away things when they’re not in use. Take advantage of your existing storage spaces and put in additional dividers to make it even more useful. Add built in storage whenever possible such as window seats to further decrease visual clutter.

Good Lighting

Natural lighting makes everything brighter and easier to see. Keep all curtains and other items to a minimum. Use artificial lighting to help show off a beautiful view at night. Skylights are another excellent to let in more light.

Cozy Textiles

A few thoughtful textiles add detail. Look for items with a three dimensional feel like wool that invite touching and make the room feel attractive. Scatter a few in the right places for something comforting and full of nature.

Edit It

Every single piece should serve a specific purpose in the room. Before bringing something into the home think carefully. If something isn’t working, it’s fine to remove it. Take the time every few weeks to think about how the room feels and what it says.

Well Chosen Accents

Accent pieces are crucial when creating a Minimalist design. Look for accent items that really stand out. Good artwork on the walls can add color without it overwhelming other items in any New Homes. The same is true of items like candles and books that offer detail without making the space feel crowded.

Modern Surfaces

Modern surfaces are ideal for the creation of a minimalist design core. Steel appliances in the kitchen can be paired with cool stone flooring for welcome contrast. Natural materials like wood are a highly prized element in minimalism. In the bedroom, wood bed frames with a single, seasonally appropriate coverlet are just right. Leather is another natural material full of interest that can be used on chairs.

Understated Patterns

Patterns help bring movement to the room. Look for bold patterns that have lots of drama. Using only two colors helps keep things on track and bring the room the minimalist vision that many homeowners love so much. Patterns like these work well on a rug, curtains and other small home design elements.